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The Epstein are an integral part of the ever burgeoning Oxford roots/Americana scene. In 2006, singer/songwriter Olly Wills started playing open mic nights with guitarist Jon Berry under the name The Epstein in the back rooms of pubs in Oxford and London.

The band gradually developed into a fully fledged country rock band and recorded their debut album The Last of The Charanguistas in 2008. Since then the line up of the band has evolved along with their sound which can be heard on their 2013 album, Murmurations, as well as their latest release, Burn the Branches (2016).

The Epstein strike a balance between pop songwriting and rich, innovative arrangements. The current line up of the band has been completed by the addition of highly respected Oxford based rhythm section Humphrey Astley (bass) and Tommy Longfellow (drums).


Upcoming shows


13th July - Thame Town Music Festival

28th July - Truck Festival

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