Press Quotes

Melodious, acoustic bonhomie from the Oxford quintet - The Times, UK

Excellent... This charming slow builder rides a bed of plucked acoustics as it heads into string section ecstasy - Artrocker Magazine, UK

One of the best live sets I’ve ever seen - Not Another Rainy Sunday Blog, UK

The Epstein’s sound is cinematic, captivating and immersive. With intrinsically woven vocals and warm melodies that swoop and soar, this band not only builds on the recent success of British folk, but suitably adds to it as well - Music Week, UK

There has not been a better band to come out of England this year. The Epstein play in another league, in a vast desert like land of the soul - Rolling Stone, Germany

The true strength of the band is in the quality of the songs, and these are played with conviction and a feeling for proportion. I don’t doubt that The Epstein will be bigger in the near future, so do yourselves a favour and approach them this year - Plato Reviews, Netherlands

Really check out The Epstein live. They leave a positively unerasable impression. Check them out before they start playing the bigger concerthalls - Roots Time - Belgium

The Epstein, a wonderful quintet from Oxford, really caught the ear, especially all-a-quiver singer Olly Wills and guitarist Jon Berry during the epic ‘Chime’ and their evocative ode to actress ‘Sophia Loren’ - The Independent, UK

Great opening. Pure. Classical. Current. Top work - Fan email, UK